Thursday, March 3, 2011

Serenity - the oil for Anxiety, Stress, Tension and ADHD

Serenity is a calming blend - soothes feelings of stress, excitement, and anxiety and helps bring the body to its natural state of health.

Oils contained in this blend are:

Lavender - calming and sedative properties. It also helps lift feelings of depression and anxiety.
 *note - those that know me well know that I'm not one to nap.  I have to be at my wits end a walking Zombie to be able to lay down and actually nap - otherwise I lay there thinking of all things I should be up doing.  The other day I was chilled to the bone and no amount of layers was helping so I thought I'd take a bath and put 3 drops of lavender in the water.  I love the smell of lavender and didn't really think about the properties it had.  When I got out I cleaned up my room and then sat on my bed to work on a chapter of a book.  I didn't get to far before I realized I was tired, my schedule this month is on the hectic side - and 2 hours later I woke up refreshed and ready to hit the day again.
Sweet Marjoram - helps to relax, calm and promote peace.
Roman Chamomile - is calming and relaxing. Helps relieve muscle tension as well as calm nerves and sooth emotions
Ylang Ylang - calming sedative properties. It brings back the feeling of self-love, confidence, joy and peace.
Sandalwood - is calming and also a sedative. It helps balance and harmonize the emotions and may help ease nervous tension.
Vanilla Bean Extract - is calming and eases tension.

The wonderful thing about doTERRA Essential Oils is that you use 1 or 2 drops.  Such a small amount goes far in helping promote health and wellbeing.

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