Saturday, May 21, 2011

Menopause Help - Experiences and Testimonials of real people with real relief

These are oils/vitamins used for the relief of menopause:

The LLW is the Life Long Wellness vitamins.  The vitamins are a great start because they help regulate the body themselves. It seems that they help improve the body no matter what your personal ailment is.  My husband saw his blood pressure lower, another saw improvement in fibromyalgia, and as you read the testimonials below you’ll see they saw improvement with menopause just on the vitamins.   But to get complete relief they also incorporated a few oils.

Bergamot – Historically has been used to cool and relieve fevers.  It helps with emotional balance. It is an uplifting and refreshing oil.

Roman Chamomile – historically used for a clear mind and to empower with courage.  It was nicknamed the plant physician because it cured any ailing plant near it. It has calming and relaxing properties.

Clary Sage – Historically has been used for female complaints – everything PMS/cramps/menopause, also kidney, digestive, and skin disorders.  It affects the hormonal system. 

Frankincense – The father of all oils – this oil had a huge list of things it helps with from allergies to seizures to cancer and everything in between.  One wonderful thing that it also does is it helps enhance all other oils you are using.  My family all uses this daily as a cancer preventative.  My daughter Kaylee has vitiligo and because her skin doesn’t have the pigment it needs to protect her from the suns rays like the rest of us do I protect her and all of us with frankincense. Of course we use sunscreen also.

Balance – is an oil blend it bring balance into your life.  No matter what you are dealing with.  I use this one daily personally. This blend brings the feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation.  It can aid in harmonizing the various physiological systems of the body and promote tranquility and a sense of balance.

Whisper – This is considered the Woman’s Blend – the oils in this blend are for emotional balance, and it contains many uplifting oils.

GX  -or GX Assist – is the detox system we have.  We put so many toxins into our bodies each day and the more I study these oils the more I learn that the ailments we have are made worse or their effect on us is made worse by these toxins.  I suggest to everyone, that by detoxing, it could help lessen the symptoms and help improve our own immune to fight back.

PX – or PX Assist – is the follow up to the detox.  It returns the good stuff to our bodies.

Peppermint – historical uses are female issues, fevers, headache and nausea.  This one has a cooling effect.  My husband uses one drop in the mornings in hot chocolate.  He thinks it’s funny that the peppermint hits his throat and briefly cools it, then the hot chocolate warms it – crazy boy I say : )

Serenity – Relaxing blend – helps calm and soothe feelings of stress, excitement and anxiety in order to help the body maintain its natural state of health. – My mother stole this oil from me, she’s a school teacher about 3 years from retirement and well the kids these days are not what they used to be 20 years ago when she started teaching.  It helps her get through her day and it helps her get the rest she needs each night to get up and keep going.

Vetiver – this oils aids in emotional balance, improving hormonal and nervous systems.
Experiences and Testimonials of others who have seen a relief in their lives.

I underlined the products/oils suggested to make things clearer.
Stephanie - I would just like to share my experience with the LLW and oils for Menopause. Before the oils, my life was miserable. I was the one in the office with a desk fan on all day and my co-workers were wearing sweatshirts. I was the one that had the AC in the car blowing the coldest air I could get and freezing my kids! I was the one at Church that had to sit under the AC unit. I was the one that, when vacationing in Utah in December, could go outside without a coat. I was the person with a perpetual red face due to 4-5, or more, hot flashes a day. Let me tell you, NOT FUN!

Well, all this is in the past!! I still like the AC unit on, but no one complains that it's too cold! It all started in February when my friend, introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. I listened to the two Dr. Hill webinars on hormones and menopause. I read and paid attention to what works for others. I started on the LLW and within a short period of time, my hot flashes were reduced by 90%! Instead of 4-5 hot flashes a day, I got maybe 1-2 a week. The next step was ordering bergamot, Roman chamomile and clary sage and using these along with frankincense. I received these oils around the first of June. I have been applying these oils as recommended every day. Now my hot flashes have gone from 4-5 times per day, to 0! Let me repeat myself - 0, zero, nada!!

I can't begin to tell you how my life has changed. I tried explaining this to my doctor and he said it was because of my age that the hot flashes have diminished. HA! I don't believe a word of it. I highly doubt that my hot flashes would change from that many per day to nothing in less than a month. I'm just not that lucky!! So this is one of my many stories. I hope if you have a mother, sister, girl friend, aunt, grandma or another female that you know, suffering with these symptoms, please tell them to start on the LLW and see how that works. They can always add the oils if they need them.

Brooke – I have a question from a friend. She suffers from severe hot-flashes to the point her flesh feels like it is burning. She sweats profusely during the night, and is really struggling with this. She is starting the LLW, but are there any other suggestions. I tried to watch the presentation of Dr. Hill's (the Hormone Webinar #1), but the presentation cuts out less than half-way through and I didn't get to hear very much. Any thoughts are appreciated!

Sue - The oils I use to help are Balance, Whisper and frankincense along with doing the AromaTouch Technique. I would recommend the advise in Dr Hill's Hormonal talk. She sounds like she is on the right track starting on the LLW. I would suggest the GX and PX program as well. Get her to do a saliva test to see where her Progesterone level is at. I bet is super low. Which means her estrogen will be high. If she is having hot flashes she is probably having other symptoms as well. From anxiety, bloating, mood swings, depression, and sugar cravings. All covered in Dr Hill's talk.

Ellen - This is what has helped me tremendously-- In the morning I put Balance and peppermint on my neck/shoulder area and clary sage on my forearms. Before bed, I put clary sage on both my ankles. It took about 1-2 weeks before I noticed that it was actually helping. But, now I'm sold on it. It has helped me sooo much and I would recommend anyone try it.

Brooke - Thanks! Keep up the info! I also heard from someone that she had a lady that put a drop of Whisper behind each of her ears 20 minutes before bed and it took care of the night sweats....just a thought!

Briana - I have a friend of a friend who is having an extremely hard time sleeping for longer than 4 hours in a night. She is going through menopause, and is on the hormone pills, but those aren't working. My first instincts are Whisper, and Serenity. And possibly the LLW supplements. Any tips, hints, personal experiences?

Dian - Serenity helps bring about a restful sleep (rub on the bottom of feet about 30-45 minutes before sleep), Whisper helps to regulate hormones (put on ear lobes), clary sage helps regulate hormones (put on outside ankle bones and rub around the front of the leg to the inside ankle bone), peppermint helps calm hot flashes (power surges) (rub on the back of the neck) and the LLW helps to keep our bodies nourished. She needs to cut out any sugar foods and caffeine as well.

Kathy - Vetiver helps me sleep better too - I have problems waking during the night.

Some other good to know stuff would be:

doTERRA oils are safe to take internally (except a very few that say to not).  I would not ever suggest to take any other essential oil internally, because so many add fillers.  While those fillers help keep the cost down, it also makes them ineffective and not safe for internal use.  Just a note here – many medicines have fillers also, and most of the side effects that people experience come from these fillers.  Another reason I like these oils.

doTERRA is a company that offers a discount to preferred customers, or you can get the wholesale price by joining and becoming a IPC.  You do not have to sale the oils if you become an IPC there are no requirements to buy or use a certain amount.  But the option is there if you wish to.  Most of my customers do just that.  But it is all up to you and what you wish to do.  If your not interested in either discount you can oder straight from my website listed below.

I love doTERRA oils.  I’ve always been a fan of alternative medicine and studied everything from dried herbs and all sorts of other home remedies.  doTERRA blew me away.  I had a headache disappear in moments using the oil blend past tense, another oil my Mother stole from me – and I gladly gave it to her.  She gets cramps in her right leg at night and so she keeps this one by her bedside.

I hope that you will give these a try.  I enjoy knowing I have control of my family’s health.  I have 2 kids with juvenile diabetes (which should mean they have weak immune systems) but we haven’t had anything more than a sniffle or two in several years!